Introducing the Powerpufffgrrlzz!

These days, a queer has options for where to go on a Saturday night. We’ve got ShanghaiPRIDE every summer and countless other events throughout the year that give us the opportunity to don a dapper getup and meet likeminded Shangays in comfortable spaces around the city. But the queer community here wasn’t always so developed. Ever wondered how it got to be the gay way it is today? Enter the Powerpufffgrrlzz, the diverse band of lady super queer-oes who write City Weekend magazine’s biweekly LGBeaT column. In their first column for the magazine, they introduce themselves and set the scene with an overview of Shanghai’s LGBTQ history:

We’ve been here and queer for a combined 27 years, and we’re ready to tell you everything you need to know about Shang-gays of the female variety. But first, a brief self-introduction: We’re a diverse bunch of queer-identified women—overseas-born Chinese, mudbloods, absolute laowai and native Chinese. Some of us have been “out” for over 30 years; others haven’t even been alive that long. We call ourselves The Powerpufffgrrlzz.

It’s been three years since a female writer has taken over this column, so an update on the queer lady scene is long overdue. Of course, we aim to cover queer issues of all sorts; we just think it’s about time we turned the spotlight on the lovelies who put the “L” in LGBeaT. To understand the world in which we operate these days, strap on a pair of fairy wings and join us for a quick trip to the past. Oh, you weren’t aware that you had signed up for a course on gay history? Well, just sit back, relax in your rainbow snuggie, and bear with us. Cue opening credits.

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