All in the Family

Who are the major players in the Shangay community these days? Which groups run this queer, queer town, and how can you get involved? The Powerpufffgrrlzz — the diverse band of lady super queer-oes who write City Weekend magazine’s biweekly LGBeaT column — are back for round two with a rundown of the city’s primary queer groups, including ShanghaiLGBT, Les-in-Shanghai, Shanghai Nvai, Aibai and Tontou:

Cities like San Francisco have a million and one LGBTQ groups to fit every sort of queer. But it’s just as important for us to access resources and social connections (otherwise known as fraaandz) within our own small community. Shanghai’s LQBTQ groups may be limited in number, but they’re definitely present and doing amazing community-building work. Let’s break down who’s who in the Shanghai family…

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